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Global Needy Support

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Our Mission

Founded in 2021, Global Needy Support is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation that exists to attack global hunger insecurity and subsidize the medical needs of people around the world.

About us

Global Needy Support’s entire focus is on helping the healing of our planet by attacking world hunger and providing adequate medical care, including specific focuses on diabetes and CPR training.

According to The State of Food Insecurity and Nutrition in the World, world hunger is on the rise. Their 2020 report details that if the number of people continues to rise at the same rate, it will exceed 840 million by 2030. Emergency medical services are also severely lacking in other places around the globe, especially in west Africa, where our services are currently offered. People are not properly educated when it comes to what to do when a medical emergency strikes.

Our Team

Niyi B .Omodara Phd


Tomisin James - Owoyele


Joseph S. Ateniola



Global Needy Support will provide a food bank for people in need. Canned goods and other donations will be accepted locally in Texas and distributed globally. Currently, we operate out of Texas, though we are looking for a storage place as the number of donations increases.

We will provide CPR dummies and classes across underprivileged communities. Recently we have partnered with popular churches and are working with local communities in Nigeria to improve medical knowledge.

Global Needy Support seeks community support in its goal to expand our donations (both food and medical equipment and tools, like insulin, glucose meters, etc.) and find a larger storage space to help store donations.


(346) 475-0881



11222, Braesridge Drive
Houston, Texas 77071

Thank you for your interest in supporting charitable projects.

Global Needy Support is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization, and donations are tax-deductible.